1Password introduces ‘Secret Automation Service’ with SecretHub purchase

1Password introduces ‘Secret Automation Service’ with SecretHub purchase

The company has also partnered with GitHub to simplify secret management tasks for developers and security teams

Canada-based 1Password, a password management technology firm has reportedly announced its extension to the infrastructure secrets management space with the purchase of Netherlands- headquartered SecretHub, a secrets management service. The company is set to launch its novel 1Password Secrets Automation Service following this acquisition.

Notably, for 1Password the movement into the enterprises' segment and monitoring the corporate credentials, API tokens and certificate for individual users and their infrastructure services is a natural move.

Citing reliable sources, with the integration of 1Password, and its new Secrets Automation offering, businesses will be able to use a single tool that covers them, from managing password of its employees to handling infrastructure secrets.

Reportedly, 1Password is used by over 80,000 entities across the globe, and most of them are potential clients of its Secrets Automation service.

Jeff Shiner, CEO, 1Password, was reportedly quoted stating that with the growing need for companies worldwide to protect their infrastructure secrets, 1Password will serve as a reliable solution to manage, secure, and orchestrate all the business secrets through their Secrets Automation.

Jeff also mentioned that the company is the first to combine both machine and human secrets together in a simplified manner.

Sources close to the news claim that along with the acquisition and the introduction of new services, 1Password has also announced a partnership with American IT service management firm- GitHub.

According to Dana Lawson, Vice President, Partner Engineering and Development at GitHub, the company has joined forces with 1Password as their cross-platform technology will simplify tasks for developers and security teams. Through the combination of GitHub and 1Password Secrets Automation service, the concerned teams will be able to completely automate their infrastructure secrets, reliably and in a secured manner.