A sober, million-year-old Yellowstone volcano can kill around 90,000 people if it erupts. Yellowstone volcano: the American volcanic volcano has been calm for 6 million years, serious destruction will come

New Delhi: In the US state of Wyoming (Wyoming), supernatural volcanoes The Yellowstone volcano burns underground. Scientists say it is a supevolcano and if it explodes, around 90,000 people can die. If this happens, a very frightening situation will arise.

Scientists have said that this volcano is beautiful in appearance, it is in fact dangerous. If there is an explosion in it, it can lead to the most terrible destruction in the history of human beings. This cloud will cause so much ash to rise in the cloud that it can cover the whole earth.

This volcano has been calm for 6 million years

The Yellowstone volcano, located in the state of Wyoming, has been quiet for 6 million years, but scientists fear this volcano may wake up anytime. There is a possibility of heavy destruction because of this. He said if the Yellowstone volcano exploded, there would be chaos all over the world. According to the British newspaper Daily Express, scientists have reported that Yellowstone has been under pressure under volcanoes for millions of years.

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If the heat under the volcano continues to increase, the volcano will start to boil and the rocks will start to melt inside the ground. If the temperature continues to rise, it will form a mixture of magma, rock, steam, carbon dioxide, and other gases. After that, a gum will form inside the ground, and the ground will lift up, which will also be visible. Looks like it’s gonna explode.

There is a possibility of disaster

Scientists have said that the eruption of this volcano will cause disaster. 90,000 people will die immediately. He said the deaths of 90,000 people would be just the start. After that, a storm of destruction will come. With this Mahavishphot, an area of ​​1600 kilometers will spread three meters of magma all over the earth. This would mean that rescuers would have great difficulty reaching the site of the explosion. It will put the lives of more people at risk.

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Not only that, the ash emanating from the volcano will close all entry paths into the earth. Because of this, the whole atmosphere will be filled with gas, and the plane will not be able to fly. The incident of a small volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 would be even more horrific.

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