ACE to unveil International Partnership Program for film editors

ACE to unveil International Partnership Program for film editors

ACE (American Cinema Editors) has reportedly launched its novel International Partnership Program to allow film editors across other nations to become members of the ACE.

For the uninitiated, the International Committee is led by long-time ACE members Michael Ornstein, ACE, and Edgar Burcksen, ACE. In partnership with the Executive Director of ACE, Jenni McCormick, it has been focusing on extending its community of editors, who reside and work outside the U.S. while being members of an editing organization.

Apparently, the committee’s aim for a more united as well as synchronized global film editing family is finally coming to fruition. The program would be officially introduced and celebrated at the global Editfest event, to be virtually held this year on Aug. 28 and 29.

Sources have also revealed that ACE International Partners could now be a part of the ACE’s network of film editing professionals.

Speaking about this move, McCormick mentioned that ACE was looking forward to launching the new International Partnership Program in an attempt to illuminate the art of editing across the globe. She further expressed hope in bringing the fellow editors closer together, irrespective of their locations.

As per sources, Yang Jinmo, ACE, Alexander Berner, ACE, Michelle Tesoro, ACE, Soledad Salfate, and Janus Billeskov Jansen, will appear as two-day Editfest panelists to speak on reinforcing the art of editing across the global film community upon the program launch.

In order to partake in the International Partnership Program, the editors need to have a minimum of 72 months’ work experience as editors of feature-length motion pictures or in television and secure screen credit. The candidate must also be a reputable member of a local editing organization, which is recognized by ACE, and produce a letter of recommendation with signatures from two officers within that organization.

Following the validation of their applications, the ACE International Relations Committee would perform an interview to bring a recommendation to the Board of Directors of ACE, who would then vote on admission.

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