Amazon launches Buy with Prime to expand Prime shopping benefits

Amazon launches Buy with Prime to expand Prime shopping benefits

Amazon, an American e-commerce giant, has recently unveiled a new feature for Prime members, Buy with Prime. This new feature has been designed to expand the benefits of Prime shopping beyond and allow merchants to sell products listed with the company on their own websites.

Initially, Buy with Prime will be made available as an invite-only feature for merchants using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). The feature will be rolled out through 2022, as other merchants, including those who are not using FBA or selling on Amazon, are also invited to participate. Moreover, it has been designed to work with online stores, including BigCommerce and other e-commerce service providers.

In addition, the feature will enable millions of Prime members in the U.S. to shop directly from the online stores of the merchants with a seamless checkout experience, fast and free delivery, as well as free returns on eligible orders. The members can also use the shipping and payment information stored in the Amazon account and receive timely notifications once an order is placed.

According to Amazon’s VP of Buy with Prime, Peter Larsen, enabling merchants to deliver Prime shopping benefits on their direct-to-consumer online stores is a part of the company’s mission to help them grow their business. The new feature will significantly allow them to build brand loyalty and customer relationships.

For merchants that are using FBA, the feature can be added to the online store within minutes as the inventory is stored already in Amazon fulfillment centers. They will also receive shopper order information, such as email addresses for orders, which can be used to build direct relationships with the shoppers and provide enhanced customer services.

Notably, pricing on merchants is based on payment processing, service, fulfillment, and storage fees calculated per unit. With no long-term contract or fixed subscription fee required, they can cancel or expand selection at any time.

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