Amazon Prime Video rolls out new interactive clip-sharing feature

Amazon Prime Video rolls out new interactive clip-sharing feature

American multinational tech giant, Amazon, has reportedly announced that it has rolled out a new feature on the Prime Video app that enables subscribers to share clips from the movies and TV shows hosted on the platform.

As per the official press release, the new feature is presently only available on iOS devices for users in the US.

For the initial feature-launch, users would only be able to share clips from a select number of shows, including the first season of ‘The Wilds’, ‘Fairfax’, ‘Invincible’, as well ‘The Boys’. Subscribers would be able to share these clips on social media or via direct message

While watching any of the four shows, users can click on the ‘Share a clip’ button on the screen, which would allow the streaming service to pause the video and open a new screen where a 30-second snipped can be edited.

The edited clip will be based on what scene the user was watching, with the option to move the time frame forward or backward as per their choice. The clip can then either be uploaded or shared via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage.

Prime Video has also stated that its plans to enable this feature on more of Amazon’s original movies and series so users can share clips from them as well.

With this feature, it is evident that the company is heading from a change in the way content is shared by users, when other streaming services are yet to offer any way to share video clips from content hosted on their platform.

Currently, Prime Video’s competitors such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ do not allow users to even take screenshots of any movie or episode. If any user tries to do so, they end up with a completely blacked out image with only the subtitles visible.

It has been noted that with this new feature, Amazon is attempting to get more audiences, who might watch the platform’s clips on their friends’ feed, interested in joining Prime Video.

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