Amazon to bring high-speed satellite internet services to India, soon

Amazon to bring high-speed satellite internet services to India, soon

With high-speed internet being the need of the hour for people around the globe, Amazon’s recent revelation of bringing satellite broadband space to India is a sure shot plan of moving ahead in the competition with its arch-rivals.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, is expected to approach the government to discuss authorizations, modalities, lending rights, permits, and satellite bandwidth leasing costs. For information, the Department of Space (DoS) provides rights for linking signals of international satellites into the nation.

In an effort to bring the move into action, the e-commerce giant is said to be investing USD 10 billion to build a constellation of 3,236 low-earth orbit satellite as part of its Project Kuiper, the company’s global space internet initiative. However, Amazon is yet to disclose the India plans.

A source close to the firm mentioned that talks with the Department of Telecommunication and DoS are likely to happen on the essential regulatory agreements to bring Amazon’s high-speed broadband space to the Indian states via its Project Kuiper satellite constellation.

Industry analysts consider Indian to be one of the important emerging satellite internet markets globally, which Amazon cannot ignore, as 75% of the rural population in the country lacks access to broadband services.

Moreover, it has been claimed that Amazon’s potential entry in India can cut the current high cost of satellite internet services, which is nearly 30X more expensive than 4G mobile broadband in the country.

According to official sources, Amazon is not the first company planning to strengthen its satellite broadband roots in the country. SpaceX and OneWeb have already announced big India plans that could given them a robust first-mover advantage in the key telecom market.

Anil Prakash, Director General of Satcom Industry Association (SIA-India), cited that the combined presence of Amazon, OneWeb, and SpaceX is poised to create a more healthy competition and make satellite broadband services much affordable and help connect the unconnected, especially at the time when the Indian government is supporting LEO constellation for providing mass satellite connectivity in remote and rural regions.