Apple could debut its new Watch Series 7 during iPhone 13 launch event

Apple could debut its new Watch Series 7 during iPhone 13 launch event

The new Apple Watch 7 will likely be available in limited quantities following its debut

Launch date for Apple’s much awaited iPhone 13 smartphone still remains to be unknown. However, rumors are that the tech giant may launch its latest make on September 14th and also debut its new smartwatch for iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 7.

According to reliable sources, Apple is having difficulties producing its new smartwatch, however, it might continue with announcing its launch on September 14th.

Reports indicates that, following its announcement, the new Apple Watch would be offered in limited quantities. The announcement will probably be made during Apple's regular September event, but there will be a mix of models shipping late or in limited quantities. Those who were present at the original Apple Watch unveiling in 2015 will be familiar with this.

Apple Watch Series 7 design renders have circulated on the internet. The design language of the next Apple smartwatch for iPhone will be identical to that of previous Apple products released this year.

Claims are made that Apple Watch Series 7 will have flat edges on both sides, like the iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Flat sides are also found on Apple's iPhone 12 (Review) series. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 6 (Review) features curved edges.

Furthermore, the upcoming Apple Watch would be available in a variety of colors. Sources revealed green and blue renders of the smartwatch. The Watch could potentially be available in red, silver, or black.

The size of the display is still unknown. Apple's latest smartwatches are available in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Under the hood, users should expect Series 7 to have a speedier chip, likely S7. It's also anticipated to include some of the most advanced smartwatch functions.