Arqit unveils new quantum cybersecurity platform, QuantumCloud™

Arqit unveils new quantum cybersecurity platform, QuantumCloud™

London-headquartered quantum technology company, Arqit has reportedly introduced a new quantum cybersecurity solution that has been designed to solve present and future threats to the security of internet communications.

The novel solution named- QuantumCloud™ deploys transformational innovation in crypto-mathematics and quantum physics and has been designed and developed over a period of four years in partnership with the British Government, Virgin Orbit, and BT.

The latest launch places the UK economy at the forefront of innovations in the quantum, and cyber technology space across the globe, with Arqit aiming at developing nearly 2,000 high-tech employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that, since its establishment in the year 2017, the company has gained considerable financial support from the British government through several departments and innovation schemes.

In addition to the above, Arqit and BT have also announced that BT has inked a contract to become the exclusive reseller of Arqit’s technology in the UK, including their products into an expanded portfolio of security solutions.

Citing sources, BT was incorporated as a foundational research partner for Arqit in 2017, where the entities focused on extending their partnership to find new ways to build the quantum communication infrastructure of the UK.

As per an official statement by Arqit, the company is focusing on using transformational quantum encryption solutions to shield the data of the British government, citizens, and the government. In the last four years, the company has designed and patented technology that expands the ability to offer benefits of Quantum Key Distribution to endpoint devices.

Seemingly, QuantumCloud™ places a lightweight agent that is capable of creating a wide number of symmetric keys with partner devices. Elaborating further on QuantumCloud™, it provides an improvement on PKI encryption technology and extends future-ready protection from quantum-based attacks.   

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