Reddit affirms Dubsmash buyout; aims at expanding in video app market

Ever since the collapse of TikTok across various economies of the world, numerous companies and big brands have been rigorously looking forward to either acquiring vivid video platforms or creating new ones in an attempt to expand profusely in the global video app business space. In one similar instance, Reddit, one of the prominent social networking sites, has reportedly announced taking over TikTok alike video application- Dubsmash for an undisclosed transaction deal.

As per credible reports, TikTok rival Dubsmash is expected to retain its own brand and platform, while allowing Reddit to integrate its video creation tools. Moving further, it has been reported that app co-founders, Tim Specht, Suchit Dash, and Jonas Druppel would join Reddit anytime soon. The application has till date raised funding of about USD 20.2 million from investors including Index Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Sunstone Life, and Eniac Ventures.

Reddit, according to various reliable sources, cited that the deal would enable its users, who can already stream and upload videos, access to Dubsmash’s editing and short-video creation tools. This move comes on heels of potential success of TikTok, which prompted many social media companies to incorporate short-video services to their platforms, say for example, Snapchat’s recent announcement of launching ‘Spotlight’ in November in tandem with Facebook’s revelation of ‘Instagram Reels’ earlier this year.

Speaking on the successful acquisition, Steve Huffman, CEO and Co-Founder of Reddit, reportedly cited that this new transition to video is expected to be relatively bigger than the transition to mobile. He also added that Dubsmash highlights small creators, while Reddit raises a sense of belonging and community across vivid passions and topics, standing as a catalyzer for the growth of this platform in the overall business space.

On the other hand, Co-Founder of Dubsmash, Suchit Dash, cited that the video app is delighted to be a part of Reddit and is looking forward to continuing its journey to bringing out the best in class video products to its users. Moreover, it also believes in the idea of connecting creators around topics and interests, and this would allow it to grow the Dubsmash community.

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Big Hit to start a new tradition with its first labels concert

South Korea based Big Hit Entertainment is reportedly commencing a new chapter in its history by hosting its first labels concert, bringing together artists from across the company’s wide portfolio.

The company was founded as a small organization by producer Band Si-hyuk in 2005. With its upcoming ‘2021 New Year’s Eve Live – presented by Weverse’ concert, Big Hit is expected to prove itself to its investors as well as to the domestic music landscape, which is heavily dependent on key broadcasting networks and their productions.

As opined by Pop Culture Critic, Kim Heon-sik, holding a year-end concert entirely with the company’s artists is like the apex goal of any music agency and no company would lose the opportunity of hosting one if they were able to. An instance of the same would be S.M. Entertainment, which has been holding label concerts both in and out of the nation for the introduction of its rookie artists and the reinforcement of the brand identity of the agency.

According to sources, Big Hit has been consistently facing doubts about its valuation, particularly with its listing on the country’s largest stock market index on October 15. In the last three years, BTS alone has accounted for almost 90 per cent of the overall revenue of the organization. Even if the number has reduced to nearly 70 per cent after the acquisition of Pledis, the agency behind renowned boy band, Seventeen, by Big Hit, the company’s efforts have not altered the perception of the public.

Scheduled to take place on December 31, the concert is speculated to present K-pop sensation BTS along with other Big Hit-associated K-pop idols including NU’EST, Tomorrow X Together, GFriend, and Enhypen.

The concert is more likely to be a debut performance for the company as Big Hit Labels, the name that it uses for reflecting its embrace of affiliated music agencies comprising Pledis Entertainment, Source Music, and Belift Lab.

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Google plays down the acquisition of British startup Dataform

Google Cloud, the cloud computing service offered by technology giant Google, has reportedly acquired Dataform- a U.K. based startup that is designing an operating system for data warehouses. Although the conditions of the deal have not been disclosed yet, the transaction seems to be an ‘acqui-hire’, where Google was interested in Dataform’s offerings.

Founded by some of the former Google employees, Dataform is described as an operating system for data warehouses and its platform focuses on helping data-rich businesses draw insights through mining the data stored in warehouses.

Notably, mining the data for insights and business intelligence particularly requires a team of data engineers and analysts. The British startup aimed at simplifying this process and make it cost-effective and faster for organizations to take full advantage of their data assets.

In a statement by Dataform, by joining forces with Google, the company will continue to offer analysts with the right tools and technology as it is the need of the hour. With a limited workforce of only seven employees, the company operates in a competitive and complex market, and hence the transaction will help execute its ideas with adequate manpower.

Reportedly, as per the deal, Dataform will continue to work under its own management and aim at enhancing its BigQuery. The Dataform Web will also be available for free for all the users from now on with customers transitioned to the free plan.

Citing reports, Google has kept the acquisition under the wraps and has not issued any press release to date. The founder of Dataform has, however, published a post announcing the acquisition.

Guillaume-Henri Huon, Founder, Dataform, said that after being in numerous talks with the Google Cloud team, it has become evident that the two firms are deeply aligned on the importance of offering analysts the right technology and tools.

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Sungrow provides inverter solutions for 100MW solar farm in Hungary

Sungrow, a leading inverter solution provider, have reportedly supplied medium-voltage inverter solutions to one of the largest PV projects in Central Europe (100 MW) that is located in Kaposvàr, south-west Hungary. With this, the company has demonstrated its efforts to support Hungary’s climate policy targets which includes assisting carbon-neutral energy production by 2050.

Constructed by China National Machinery Import and Export (CMC), the project has until now completed over 50% of its construction volume despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anticipated to be commercially completed by February 2021, the PV project will ensure power generation of 130 GWh annually, equivalent to eliminating 4,500 tons of CO2 per year, effectively satisfying the power demands of a city that encompasses around 50,000 people.

As per sources close to the development, the PV project uses Sungrow’s turnkey medium-voltage inverter solutions, that are known to offer high efficiency, evidently maximizing the yield of solar PV plant.

In addition to offering its inverter solutions, Sungrow also provides advanced container integration service which supports compatibility and system efficiency when the customer adopts devices like RMU (Ring Main Unit) and Protecta from other manufacturers. The highly integrated container design could support transportation and O&M, offering larger cost-saving.

In a statement, Lewis Li, General Manager of Sungrow Europe, said that the company is delighted to offer competitive inverter solutions for powering more communities & facilities, utilizing solar assets for accelerating the shift towards a sustainable environment, and fueling economic growth for Hungary.

Sources claim that Hungary plans to ensure long-term security of energy supplies as well as increase the share of renewable energy sources in its existing electricity generation mix. Meanwhile, Sungrow made its first entry in the European country a decade ago and has been providing tailored solutions and services for local customers.

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To protect bone health post weight loss surgery, exercise highly effective

In a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research scientists have suggested that exercising is highly effective means of protecting bone health after weight loss surgery. Scientists point out that although weight loss surgery is a highly effective treatment for obesity, it can be detrimental to bone health and that their study indicates that exercise may help address this shortcoming.

The study randomized 84 patients undergoing weight loss surgery to an exercise group or a control group for 11 months. The exercise group performed high impact, balance, and resistance exercises three times per week.

Twelve months after surgery, participants in the exercise group had higher bone mineral density measurements at the lumbar spine and the forearm compared with those in the control group. Also, participants who attended at least half of the exercise sessions had higher bone mineral density at the femoral neck than those in the control group.

“These findings showed that a structured exercise program may be a valid treatment option to minimize weight loss surgery-induced bone loss, which may be particularly important since many patients undergo surgery in early adulthood or even at pediatric ages,” said lead author Florêncio Diniz-Sousa, MSc, of the University of Porto, in Portugal. “As stated in recently released World Health Organization physical activity guidelines, regular exercise should be a priority for everyone, including patients who have undergone weight loss surgery.”

Scientists have found signs of elements essential for life in the comet. Life In Comet: Signs of Life Found in Comets May Solve the Riddle of Life

New Delhi: How life was born on Earth. How were the things necessary for life, how did they come about? Scientists were looking for answers to all of these questions. So far, a lot of research has been done on this, but nothing concrete was known. In a recent research conducted, scientists got answers to some questions. Recent research has reinforced the fact that the essential elements for life on Earth came from Comet.

This research revealed that the comet named 67P / Churumov Gerasimenko (67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko) contains all the essential ingredients for life.

The comet contains elements necessary for life

Studies by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Expedition have shown that comet 67P / Churumov Gerasimenko (67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko) contains a very important element phosphorus for life. The research, led by astrophysicist and software engineer Esko Gardner with researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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In this, the elements necessary for life have been told. The elements necessary for life are called CHOPS, which include carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. A mixture of these six elements makes up most of the biological molecules on earth.

How did life come to earth

Scientists had also discovered elements in comets earlier. But Phosphorus was like the last part of this puzzle. Researchers found phosphorus and fluorine in 67P / Churumov Gerasimenko Comet’s internal coma. These two elements were found in solid particles deposited by Rosetta’s Ceometry secondary ion mass analysis device (COSIMA) a few kilometers from the comet.

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These particles were deposited on the target plates of the device, after which their photograph was taken from a distance. All of this work was controlled from the earth itself. The research release says this is the first time that life-necessary CHOPS elements have been found in solid comets. This research is important in finding the answer to the question of how life came to earth. Phosphorus is very important for life on earth.

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Russian corona vaccine begins large-scale ingestion before clinical trials are completed, concerns about safety and efficacy increase

The city of Moscow announced on the 5th that it has begun large-scale inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik V” developed in Russia. For people in occupations with a high risk of infection, such as medical personnel and teachers. However, the final stage of clinical trials has not been completed, and there are deep-rooted concerns about safety and efficacy.

It seems that the aim is to promote the Russian vaccine against the start of vaccination developed by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and others in the UK at the beginning of the week. Inoculation for domestic use is free. President Putin had instructed him to start a large-scale vaccination by the next weekend on the 2nd.

In Russia, more than 100,000 medical personnel have been vaccinated in tests, but Putin has avoided vaccination. “Before the mass vaccination begins, the head of state cannot participate in the vaccination,” Peskov said. However, there are some who question whether Mr. Putin, who is cautious, will accept the vaccination even after the large-scale vaccination.

In August, Sputnik V was approved by Russia for the first time in the world as a new corona vaccine. According to the government-affiliated “Russian Direct Investment Fund” involved in development, the effectiveness is 95%. There are plans to export vaccines at a lower price than those made in Europe and the United States, and there are criticisms that the vaccine is being used politically for raising national prestige and the Putin administration’s diplomatic strategy.

NASA shares video of the radish crop first grown on the International Space Station. NASA shares video of radish harvest for the first time on the International Space Station

New Delhi: For the first time in space, scientists harvested radishes after taxiing on the International Space Station. In doing so, great success was achieved in the space mission. On social media platform Twitter, ISS Research gave the reason for growing radish by sharing the video. In fact, radish is nutritious and also grows quickly.

On November 30, NASA scientist Kate Ribbons harvested radish plants. These plants were cultivated in Bitet on the International Space Station.

Radishes grown like this

Scientists gathered the vegetables and wrapped them in foil and stored them in a cold room for a trip back to Earth during SpaceX’s 22nd Rispalli Services trade mission in 2021. The plant, named Plant Habitat -02, was first grown by NASA in a rotating laboratory. NASA chose radish because scientists understand it well and it develops in 27 days.

Radishes grow fast, but maybe not so fast! Experience a month of growing Space_Station radishes in 10 seconds.
Radishes are used for the Plant Habitat-02 study because they are nutritious, grow quickly, and are genetically similar to Arabidopsis, a plant often studied in space.

ISS Research (@ISS_Research) December 1, 2020

The radish was grown on the space station

NASA scientist Nicolor Dufur, Kennedy Space Center, said: “Radish is a different crop than the leafy vegetables that astronauts used to grow on the space station. Helps understand which plants cannot die and provides astronauts with the best diversity and nutritional balance during long term missions. ”

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Mercury far from the gravity of space will now be able to meet the sun in 2032. Mercury far from the gravitational force of space, now it will meet the sun after so many years

New Delhi: There are many planets in our solar system. The smallest of these planets Mercury has completed the transit of the sun. During this astronomical event, Mercury, seen as a small black dot on the sun’s aura, moved away from the sun’s disk due to the 5.5-hour gravitational force.

To see this astronomical event, scientists used the telescope and special glasses. The diameter of Mercury is about 1,406.74 km (874 mi) larger than the diameter of our Moon.

Such an incident occurs 13 times in a century

There are 8 planets in our solar system and all of them differ from each other in size and other things. Mercury, the smallest of these planets, has completed the transit of the sun. Scientists, science students, and people interested in science had to use special telescopes and glasses to see this astronomical phenomenon. This transit of Mercury occurs 13 times per century. The next transit of Mercury will now be on November 13, 2032. This usually does not happen until May or November.

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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets in the solar system. It is also the closest to the sun. Its rotation period is approximately 88 days. Seen from Earth, it can be seen revolving around its orbit in 116 days. This trick is considered to be the fastest among the planets. The crust of Mercury feels the strongest temperature fluctuation of all the planets.

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Scientists have found signs of flooding on Mars that struck billions of years ago. Life on Mars: Traces of horrible floods found on Mars, air-water research continues

New Delhi: Scientists are engaged day and night to find the answer to the question of whether there is life on the planet Mars. Research has revealed a lot of new information about Mars. Meanwhile, scientists have made a startling discovery. Scientists at Jackson State University, Cornell University, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of Hawaii discovered a terrible flooding on Mars 4 billion years ago.

Wave marks

Scientist Alberto G. Firan said the first major floods were detected based on sedimentological data found by Curiosity Rover. Previously, the deposits left by the flood had never been identified. In a report published in the Journal of Scientific Reports this month, data from Gale Crater and its sedimentary layers were studied.

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With its help, water, air and other factories were understood. Rover had found traces of huge waves, indicating that there was a flood.

There was liquid water on the moon

Researchers believe that a meteorite may have caused a huge flood. Because of this, the ice on Mars would have melted and carbon dioxide and methane would have started to be released. It would have changed the situation on Mars. Then there must have been heavy rains.

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Is there life in the lake on Mars? Scientists have the answer to this question. However, it has yet to be disclosed properly. Alberto says the study indicates that conditions on Mars in the early days were such that there was liquid water. This indicates that life was possible there but was there life? Perseverance Rover can help you find answers to this.

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