How Will The Demand For Sensors Drive Automotive Night Vision System Market?

How Will The Demand For Sensors Drive Automotive Night Vision System Market?

The increasing need for safety features in vehicles coupled with growing concerns about accidents due to low-light conditions will drive the global automotive night vision system market size. According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the market is set to reach $4.5 billion by 2025.

What technologies are likely to benefit market growth?

Certain advancements in technology have improved the night vision system’s capability substantially. New systems boast the ability to detect objects including heavy vehicles, traffic signs, children, and cyclists. In addition, these can also offer updates on fog, smoke or glare of oncoming vehicle headlights. Owing to these benefits automotive night vision system market will witness significant growth in the coming years.

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How will the global market perform in terms of components?

The market is set to garner considerable returns owing to the demand for components like night vision cameras, sensors, and control units in night vision systems. Products like thermal night vision cameras are majorly adopted by some of the world’s top luxury car brands. For instance, BMW had installed such cameras in models that included thermal imaging sensors and heated optical elements. Moreover, companies are looking to introduce night vision cameras that possess the ability to depict information four times beyond the headlight range. Such advancements in components will further intensify the demand for night vision systems, thereby augmenting market growth. 

What does high demand for luxury vehicles in North America & Europe indicate for global market share?

The North America and Europe markets are likely to acquire substantial share of the revenue owing to increasing adoption of advanced automotive technologies like connected cars, autonomous vehicles, and IoT, together with higher demand for luxury cars in developed nations. Increasing production of luxury and passenger cars will also generate considerable demand for night vision systems in these regions.         

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Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1. Methodology and Scope

1.1. Methodology

1.1.1. Definition and forecast parameters Definitions Assumptions, methodology and forecast parameters

1.2. Data Sources

1.2.1. Primary

1.2.2. Secondary

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Automotive night vision system market 360o synopsis, 2015 - 2025

2.1.1. Business trends

2.1.2. Product trends

2.1.3. Display trends

2.1.4. Component trends

2.1.5. Regional trends

Chapter 3. Automotive Night Vision Industry Insights

3.1. Industry segmentation

3.2. Industry landscape, 2015 - 2025

3.2.1. Automotive industry overview North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America MEA

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