Barry Callebaut set to support sustainably sourced vanilla and cocoa

Barry Callebaut set to support sustainably sourced vanilla and cocoa

World’s leading manufacturer of top-quality cocoa and chocolate products, The Barry Callebaut Group, has reportedly announced its support for fully sustainably sourced vanilla and cocoa, through its ‘Better For You’ portfolio from the North America region.

This portfolio includes sugar solutions (reduced sugar, no sugar added, and sugar-free), dairy-free, high-protein, and organic solutions. The portfolio has witnessed significant innovation and growth in recent years.

The announcement provides the North American consumers of Barry Callebaut with top-quality sustainable products and lets the company support the vision of industry-wide sustainability.

All products of the ‘Better For You’ portfolio will be transferred to Cocoa Horizons via the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Other famous certification programs for cocoa sustainability are also available. Barry Callebaut sells the sustainable chocolate and cocoa products of Cocoa Horizons at a premium.

All the premiums are transferred to the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to offer financial assistance to cocoa sustainability activities like farmer support and coaching, distribution of non-cocoa and cocoa seeds, and transparent community development.

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation acts as a platform for chocolate firms and other contributors to invest in sustainable cocoa. Expert partners like Barry Callebaut are expected to implement these sustainability activities. In addition, the ‘Better For You’ products will be supporting the production of sustainable vanilla by partnering with vanilla supplier Prova to execute the Sustainable Vanilla Charter.

The Director of Barry Callebaut Brand, Laura Bergan, supposedly stated that the company perceives the ‘Better For You’  portfolio from an end-consumer perspective. Its portfolio and innovation are motivated by the lifestyles of consumers and close monitoring of market trends.

She further added that the company’s sustainable portfolio includes the ingredient quality and its effect on the lives of farmers and planet Earth and goes beyond just the health benefits. She also said that being completely vanilla and cocoa sustainable adds value to its products. Bergan also mentioned that this move is an important step in the company’s target to become fully sustainable by 2025.