Biden administration plans to plant 1B more trees over the decade

Biden administration plans to plant 1B more trees over the decade

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas James Vilsack has recently announced a strategy that speaks about how the Biden-Harris Administration along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture will deal with a reforestation backlog of 4 million acres of national forests and plant around 1 billion trees in the coming 10 years.

Given the new resources made available via President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, coupled with support from local, state, and Tribal governments along with other partners, the Forest Service intends to eradicate the backlog in the coming decade and develop the infrastructure, like nurseries for meeting rising needs.

As per reports, the Forest Service has this year invested $100 million+ capital in reforestation, which is three times more than the investment made in the last few years.

This has been possible due to the REPLANT (Repairing Existing Public Land by Adding Necessary Trees) Act enforced by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

These significant investments will help alleviate the climate change impacts, rebuild the outcomes of devastating wildfires, and solidify the forestlands of America.

Secretary Vilsack said that forests are an effective tool for fighting against climate change. It is important to nurture their natural regeneration and planting in the areas necessary for mitigating the awful impacts of climate change while also making forests more secure from the threats imposed by historic drought, disease outbreaks, catastrophic wildfires, and pest infestation.

Before the REPLANT and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Forest Service was only capable of addressing around 6% of its post-wildfire reforestation requirements.

The REPLANT Law regulates the Forest Service to plant more than a billion trees in the coming decade, eliminates a limit of $30 million and is now expected to provide the agency with more resources every year for doing so.

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