Billboard to factor Facebook music video streams into its charts

Billboard to factor Facebook music video streams into its charts
Billboard has reportedly decided to incorporate the officially licensed music video streams that were uploaded on Facebook on 1st August 2020, in the United States. The streams will be included in the Billboard Global 200, Billboard Hot 100, Artist 100, and Billboard 200 charts, as well as all other charts that combine streaming data.

According to Silvio Pietroluongo, the Senior Vice President of Charts & Data Development for MRC Data and Billboard, there has been a persistent increase in the consumption and availability of music at a remarkable rate and the industry has witnessed incredible innovation across several digital platforms.

Pietroluongo has also expressed that the company is thrilled to announce the incorporation of Facebook’s U.S. Premium Music Video streams to Billboard’s charts and Music Connect, further extending the most detailed view of music trends and consumption impacting the business.

The changes will reportedly come into effect with the charts dated March 27, reflecting streams and sales from March 12-18. Further, only data from the officially licensed streams will be incorporated, with the exclusion of user-generated content from the tallies. Facebook video plays represent U.S.-based activity only and are grouped as ad-supported on-demand streams. Within the Music Connect platform of MRC Data, Facebook videos will be included among On-Demand Video totals, with the data visible commencing with activity on March 5.

As per Tamara Hrivnak, Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships, Facebook, artists are fit for recognition in music charts for the social capital that they drive, and the social discovery that they fuel. The addition of music video plays on Facebook to the Billboard charts represents a significant step in the appropriate direction.

Hrivnak further stated that, on Facebook, music videos constitute so much more than merely the video itself. Rather, they signify the creation of a new channel for social experiences around music, added Hrivnak.