Blast Chillers Market: Regional Revenue & Growth Forecast By 2026

Blast Chillers Market: Regional Revenue & Growth Forecast By 2026

The blast chillers market from 50-100 kg segment is expected to witness a tremendous growth trajectory over the estimated timeline. This can be attributed largely to the rising adoption of these devices in small restaurants and cafes, owing to their relatively lower costs and more convenient access.


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Meanwhile, roll-in blast freezers in the below 100 kg segment are also likely to gain rapid traction in the years ahead, as these devices are equipped with ergonomic trolley designs, which enables them to be rolled in and out of the chillers for more convenient access to its contents. The roll-in blast chillers market outlook is also anticipated to witness significant growth due to the emergence of advanced features such as smart touch screen displays and probe temperature detection, among others.


The burgeoning tourism and hospitality industry across the globe, especially in regions like Latin America, is a major contributing factor to blast chillers market growth. In order to cater to these rising tourist numbers, the establishment of specialty cafes and restaurants has witnessed a considerable upsurge in recent years. This, in turn, is likely to provide a significant boost to market trends in the years ahead.


The adoption of blast freezers in largescale food establishments such as supermarkets is also likely to proliferate at a rapid rate over the years. These cooling devices are used extensively by supermarkets to mitigate food wastage and enhance product shelf life, particularly for perishable items. The above 200 kg blast chillers segment demonstrates robust potential in these applications, with the products being deployed in major supermarket chains such as Walmart and Target.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented a major roadblock to blast chillers market growth in recent times. Reductions in operating hours, facility closures and falling demands are hampering the businesses of blast chiller producers, in order to comply with stringent government mandates. Furthermore, the shortage of capital, higher costs and pushing back of purchase decisions by commercial buyers are also likely to impede industry expansion.


However, strong efforts by key blast chillers market players to sustain in the post-coronavirus economy landscape are likely to present lucrative opportunities for recovery in the years ahead. Prominent entities operating in the market, including Master-Bilt Products, IRINOX, Williams refrigeration, Able Products, Precision Refrigeration, and AB Electrolux, among others are making targeted efforts such as new product developments to maintain a strong position in the global business landscape.


For example, in March 2020, Capital Cooling and Ilsa joined hands to develop a novel cooling device technology, dubbed the Evo Mini Blast Chiller, designed for use in professional kitchen settings. The countertop freezer device has been developed mainly for smaller kitchens, owing to its compact size and EHO compliance. The Ilsa Evo Mini Blast Chiller has several advanced attributes, including the “Cook & Chill” feature, which allows for blast chilling or shock freezing of food directly after cooking in order to maintain original fragrance and aroma until service, as well as ability to cool over 7kg of food to +3°C and freeze over 5kg of food to -18°C from, from temperatures of nearly 90°C.


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TABLE 1    Global blast chillers industry 360º synopsis, 2016 - 2026

TABLE 2    Global blast chillers market, 2016 - 2019 (USD Million)

TABLE 3    Global blast chillers industry, 2020 - 2026 (USD Million)

TABLE 4    Global blast chillers industry, 2016 - 2019 (Units)

TABLE 5    Global blast chillers industry, 2020 - 2026 (Units)

TABLE 6    Global blast chillers industry, by region, 2016 - 2019 (USD Million)

TABLE 7    Global blast chillers market, by region, 2019-2026 (USD Million)

TABLE 8    Global blast chillers industry, by region, 2016 - 2019 (Units)

TABLE 9    Global blast chillers industry, by region, 2020 - 2026 (Units)

TABLE 10    Global blast chillers industry, by product, 2016 - 2019 (USD Million)

TABLE 11    Global blast chillers market, by product, 2020 - 2026 (USD Million)

TABLE 12    Global blast chillers industry, by product, 2016 - 2019 (Units)


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