Boeing to hire 160 pilots to ensure comeback of 737 MAX flights

Boeing to hire 160 pilots to ensure comeback of 737 MAX flights
Boeing Co, an American aerospace company, has reportedly announced the hiring of over 160 pilots to ensure the comeback of its 737 MAX after a safety ban of 20 months.

The new ‘Global Engagement Pilots’ will serve as cockpit observers or instructors for the 35-day assignment period. People with knowledge of the matter have cited that the company is expected to offer an equivalent annual salary of around $200,000 for these pilots for the total potential cost of $32 million.

The hiring spree is a part of the aerospace company’s campaign to ensure the relaunch of its redesigned 737 MAX, which had experienced operational glitches and crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, claiming the lives of 346 people in total. This campaign or strategy also includes 24/7 surveillance of these flights across the globe and talking points for the flight attendants to reassure the passengers about its safety. Sources further stated that the key responsibilities of these flight attendants include the delivery of consulting activities and customer support like flying opportunities.

The statement further added that the new pilots must have 1,000 hours of instructor experience with no accidents, incidents, losses, or violations, as well as be licensed on the 737 MAX and other jetliners of Boeing. In addition, the U.S. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Boeing have reassured that the plane is considered highly safe, owing to its improvements to cockpit software as well as pilot training.

Boeing is planning to make an initial investment of $1 billion in pilot recruitment, training, & development of a flight deck for the next-gen of pilots. Additionally, the company has reportedly set up a 24/7 war room at the California facility where its staff with LCD screens will conduct the real-time fleet monitoring to ensure rapid issue resolution if emergencies arise. Moreover, it has deployed onsite specialized teams with 154 team members to support 5 global regions.