C3 AI & NCS ink partnership for Enterprise AI Applications in APAC

C3 AI & NCS ink partnership for Enterprise AI Applications in APAC

Prominent enterprise AI software firm, C3 AI has reportedly entered a strategic partnership with renowned technology services provider, NCS. The collaboration is intended to provide enterprise AI solutions to clients across multiple industries, such as telecommunications, government, financial services, and transportation in Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) and Southeast Asia (SEA).

This novel agreement marks C3 AI’s maiden strategic partnership initiative with a telecommunications group. Apparently, NCS would leverage its extensive domain experience as well as technical expertise to serve governments and businesses across SEA and ANZ, whilst investing close to S$10 million for developing and deploying enterprise AI applications built on the C3 AI® Suite.

Sources also confirm that C3 AI’s solutions would be incorporated across Singtel, Optus, and a few other affiliated telecommunication networks, to offer the benefits of enterprise AI to their clients and operations.

For the record, the offerings from C3 AI are inclusive of a robust end-to-end enterprise AI platform, C3 AI Suite; a no-code solution that helps produce actionable enterprise AI insights, C3 AI Ex Machina; a maiden enterprise AI-based CRM solution that is custom-built for industries, C3 AI CRM; and a complete inventory of pre-assembled enterprise AI applications.

Meanwhile, the applications comprise a wide range of use cases, including the C3 AI Energy Management that optimizes energy consumption and carbon emissions, the C3 AI Fraud Detection for financial transactions, and the C3 AI Predictive Maintenance that assists in reducing unplanned machine downtime.

According to the CEO of NCS, Ng Kuo Pin, the partnership with C3 AI would reaffirm the company’s commitment to building a robust digital partner ecosystem that would provide its clients access to world-leading technologies and enterprise solutions. He also expressed the team’s belief in the emerging wave of enterprise-grade AI solutions and conveyed his excitement towards working with the company’s clients, in order to develop the next generation of digital applications through enterprise AI embedded solutions.