Carsales and LiSTNR collaborate over podcast series on the EV sector

Carsales and LiSTNR collaborate over podcast series on the EV sector

Carsales, an online marketplace in Australia, has recently announced a long-term podcast collaboration with LiSTNR, with the first of four new podcast series beginning this month.

Known as ‘Watts Under the Bonnet: the EV (Electric Vehicle) Podcast’, the first collaboration would focus on topics related to electric vehicles as its interest continues to grow.

Watts Under the Bonnet influences the carsales’ content strengths and is expected to be co-hosted by well-known motor racing columnist, reporter Greg ‘Mr. Motorsport’ Rust, LiSTNR’s Rusty’s Garage host and Nadine Armstrong, carsales’ Consumer Editor.

With new episodes released each month, Watts Under the Bonnet will keep users up to date with the ongoing developments in the electric vehicle world.

The podcast series will enable listeners to stay updated about the latest releases and keep their minds at ease after breaking the common myths about EVs and exchanging the bowser for the battery.

Under the launching episode of Watts Under the Bonnet, the challenges related to various anxiety issues will be tackled. It will also feature Simon Evans, champion Kiwi race driver who got the Jaguar I-Pace e-Trophy championship, a series recognized globally for one-make Jaguar all-electric road cars. 

The other guest in the episodes is expected to be experts in EV auto fields, well-known drivers, and some editorial experts from carsales.

Mike Sinclair, carsales Editor-in-Chief, said that this partnership is a thrilling step for the firm to help create relevant and insightful content for helping Aussie car buyers, owners and sellers on their journeys.

Podcasts are a great format for the firm to connect with Australians and the perfect approach to leveraging experts and the content they create. 

Carsales and LiSTNR are an ideal fit, said Mike, adding that consumers need to be aware of everyday developments in the automotive space and make informed decisions.

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