Ceros expands its partner ecosystem with Showpad and Highspot

Ceros expands its partner ecosystem with Showpad and Highspot

Ceros, an experimental content creation platform, has recently entered a partnership with Highspot and Showpad, leading sales enablement vendors. This expansion of the partner ecosystem is geared towards increasing the company’s dedication and mission to develop an integrated creative suite for designers and marketers, ranging from citizen creators to enterprise clients.

Through this partnership, Ceros content can be seamlessly distributed within the tools used by the sales teams, as well as make its experiences available offline. Moreover, these integrations can help the users bridge the gap between sales and marketing resources and boost their performances.

According to Simon Berg, CEO of Ceros, marketers, designers, and content creators have been increasingly relying on the content creation platform throughout their interactive creative journey, including drafting, reviewing, and publishing. They also recognize it as an essential tool in the creative stack to keep up with the marketing and creative demands.

Mr. Berg has added that Ceros products are expected to become an irreplaceable part of the day-to-day productivity of creative leaders. Its partnership with trusted technology firms is among the concrete steps taken to build a strong business for the future.

For those unversed, Highspot and Showpad are available on Android, iOS, browser, and Windows, enabling design around various screen sizes to ensure optimal use.

Meredith Burall, Creative Services Leader and Director at BDO USA, has seemingly cited that the partner ecosystem of Ceros is a key to the company’s operations. Ceros’ robust offerings can help it increase access to resources to seamlessly create interactive, high-quality content.

Additionally, the accounting firm can immediately connect the content to several systems that are already in use, streamlining marketing efforts and increasing efficiency. It is looking forward to more enhanced partnerships as it continues to rely on the content creation platform as a foundational element in the robust creative stack, Burall added.

Over the past years, Ceros has also been investing in key strategic partnerships in automation, design, and social media to enable designers and marketers to conduct more streamlined creative work.

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