DJ, YouTuber, and K-pop artist scheduled to fly on SpaceXs lunar mission

DJ, YouTuber, and K-pop artist scheduled to fly on SpaceXs lunar mission

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa reportedly unveiled his team for the lunar journey on Friday i.e., 9th December, after searching the world for artists the previous year.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Maezawa, who amassed wealth working for the online clothing company Zozo, has emerged as a key figure in the commercial space industry. He was announced as SpaceXs first private passenger for a mission to orbit the moon in 2018 and pledged to cover the costs of the other eight passengers.

The lists of official dearMoon mission participants consist of dancer cum choreographer Yemi A.D from the Czech Republic, TOP a.k.a. Choi Seung Hyun, a K-pop rapper and former lead of boyband Big Bang from South Korea, wildlife photographer Karim Iliya from the UK, photographer Rhiannon Adam from Ireland, actor Dev Joshi from India, and US filmmaker Brendan Hall.

The flight, planned for next year, might be the first lunar visit by humans since 1972. The projected fly-by would see a spacecraft orbit the moon, arriving within 200km (124 miles) of the surface. Eight days would pass between take-off and arrival on the mission.

However, the SpaceX Starship rocket that the team is intended to launch has not yet received approval from US authorities. After successfully completing a successful test in May 2021, the ship has been stuck in Texas for the past 18 months without even receiving approval for an orbital tour around Earth.

Interestingly, Maezawa has spent 12 days aboard the International Space Station last year using a Russian rocket. He also started a documentary hunt for a new partner in 2020 before calling off the quest due to mixed sentiments.

But in his film unveiling the crew for the trip hes called dearMoon, Mr. Maezawa made no reference to this delay.

Although the cost of Mr. Maezawa's space ticket has not been made public, Mr. Musk claimed that it was a great deal of money.

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