Does Plasma Therapy Help Corona Patients? This study reveals shocking results | Do corona patients benefit from plasma therapy? Shocking results

New Delhi: Coronavirus infection is continuously increasing and people around the world are waiting for the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, doctors are using plasma therapy to treat patients. In plasma therapy, plasma is administered from patients recovered from Covid-19 to severe patients.

Decreased plasma effect on these patients
A clinical trial in Argentina found that plasma therapy was of little benefit in severe cases of pneumonia. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates that there is limited evidence for the effectiveness of plasma therapy.

Plasma does not improve patient health
The study says it is known as ‘convalescent plasma therapy’. Tests have shown that plasma does not improve the health of patients or decrease the risk of death from the virus.

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Mortality despite plasma deliveries 11 percent
The study was carried out on 333 hospitalized patients with severe pneumonia. Patients received plasma or placebo. In 30 days, the researchers showed no difference in the symptoms and the health of the patients. Even the death rate has not changed. Plasma patients had an 11% mortality rate, while placebo patients had an 11.4% mortality rate.

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What advantages of plasma therapy in India
A study conducted in India in October showed that plasma therapy benefited patients with COVID-19 (COVID-19). Plasma therapy relieved patients’ breathing problems and also reduced the problem of fatigue, but the risk of death and severe symptoms did not decrease.