E-Home Services starts testing robot cleaners for household services

E-Home Services starts testing robot cleaners for household services

Chinese household service provider, E-Home Household Service has reportedly announced that it has begun testing its robot cleaners, which are capable of providing household services to users.

In urban spaces, the fast pace of life is increasingly becoming a challenge these days. With the onset of the pandemic, people’s perception of household chores has changed as well. They have started to care more about hygiene than they did before.

E-Home is attempting to redefine the application of AI tech in household cleaning, thereby bringing a futuristic lifestyle closer to the users.  

According to sources, the firm is testing the first robot cleaner it built, which is specifically designed for strong cleaning effect and expert navigation. The robot can avoid barging into large furniture, easily navigate through the edges and corners, and clean debris and dust hiding in the gaps of tiles, under the furniture, and from carpets.

Furthermore, the robot can be deployed for disinfection works as well, which can prevent the spread of the pandemic virus.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Wenshan Xie, Chairman and CEO, E-Home Household Service,  stated that the firm has already witnessed success with humanoid robot-based staff training initiatives and customer service.

The company has been inspired to explore more into the niche of household robot cleaners owing to the pain points and high demand for the product. In addition, the possibility of application of core technology of robotic products and their usage in various scenarios has been another driving factor behind the firm’s current range of products.

He also added that the firm is looking forward to the introduction of smart home appliances at a highly reasonable price in every household, which will enable a better experience for the users.

Source Credit: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/08/03/2491413/0/en/E-Home-Household-Services-Holdings-Limited-Begins-Testing-of-Robot-Cleaners-for-Household-Services.html