eMurmur selects MobilDrTech as its U.S. Distribution Partner

eMurmur selects MobilDrTech as its U.S. Distribution Partner

Telehealth devices provider MobilDrTech has reportedly been named a U.S. Distributor for eMurmur, the latest digital stethoscope platform. The telehealth company has made the product readily available for telemedicine equipment and service providers, medical providers, health systems, hospitals, and third-party payers. Its marketed versions also include Pro, Basic, Telehealth and Enterprise levels as well as pricing schedules.

For those uninitiated, eMurmur is a digital auscultation platform, which was tested and proven across various top academic medical centers. The platform employs advanced engineering to allow high clarify in listening to the entire body. In addition, the software facilitates the use of popular telemedicine stethoscopes over the Internet, allowing streaming and recording from Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers and laptops through a browser-based portal.

MobilDrTech, founded in 2009, is a leading telemedicine equipment manufacturer and telehealth-specific software developer. The company is known for marketing and selling a comprehensive line of products, including telemedicine stethoscopes, dermascopes, otoscopes, telemedicine carts, general examination cameras, and vital signs monitoring devices for RPM (remote patient monitoring) and CCM (chronic care management).

MobilDrTech’s President, Nat Gist, has apparently cited that the company is impressed with the potential and capability of the eMurmur platform in telemedicine, given its experience with telemedicine stethoscopes for nearly 15 years. It is also thrilled to be chosen as a U.S. distributor and meet the growing customer demand for digital stethoscopes compatible with Android and iOS devices, apart from PCs and laptops.

As per the statement made by Andreas Schriefl, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and Founder of eMurmur, the company has shown excitement to drive growth with MobilDrTech as a U.S. Distributor for eMurmur. It is fully aware of the extensive knowledge and expertise of the telehealth company across the telemedicine space, along with its outstanding customer service.

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