Entrepreneurs launch world’s 1st vegan caterer booking platform, Vegcraver

Entrepreneurs launch world’s 1st vegan caterer booking platform, Vegcraver

Berlin-based plant-based duo, David Heidrich and Roxy Velez, have introduced Vegcraver to bring an increased visibility and accessibility to plant-based foods

In a bid to cater to the gradually rising vegan population worldwide, in line with efforts to help the catering industry recuperate from the aftermaths of the coronavirus pandemic, Roxy Velez and David Heidrich have unveiled the world’s first vegan-only caterer booking platform.

The idea behind this novel launch dates back to one of the events the duo had attended, which showcased a lack of plant-based food choices. In lieu of this, the pair decided to bring in the visibility to vegan food as well as make it more accessible with the introduction of Vegcraver.

As per reliable reports, the platform would allow customers to request delivery to Berlin-based individuals who are attending online events and for COVID-safe gatherings. Moreover, this platform enables organizers to hire a caterer to cook ‘in-house’.

Besides, through this launch, Vegcraver hopes to support the catering industry as well as events with plant-based solutions and help various businesses to adapt to the new normal.

In a press release, it was mentioned that bringing all the vegan caterers together under one roof and banner would make the search for quality plant-based food easier.

Further, while speaking on the latest accomplishment, Roxy Velez cited that the platform intends to depict how many vegan options are actually available for not only the vegan population in the city, but also to the wider public in general.

Velez stated that delicious, high-quality vegan food is easily available all across the city, but is still hard to find even through Google search and thus out of reach for many. Citizens presume that it is hard to be vegan given to the limited options when it comes to ordering food for events and parties, which is not really the case. However now, the launch of Vegcrave would offer these people innumerable options to choose from a wide range of catering facilities and services.