Facebook extends partnership with music streaming platform Spotify

Facebook extends partnership with music streaming platform Spotify

Facebook has reportedly announced an expanded partnership with Spotify, the music streaming app, which would bring music and podcast streaming services within Facebook’s app under the name ‘Project Boombox’.

The two companies now seem to be rolling out the integration through a new “miniplayer” experience, which will enable users to stream Spotify’s services through the Facebook application available both on Android and iOS. This feature will reportedly be available to users streaming Spotify Premium as well as to free users.

The miniplayer will be an extension to the social sharing option that is already supported in the Spotify app. Thus, the company claims that when listeners are streaming content on Spotify, with the new feature, they will be able to share the said content directly to Facebook.

Facebook explains that the Share menu seen on Spotify will have two options i.e., “Facebook” or “Facebook News Feed,” through which users can share the content they are listening to on either of these pages.

Notably, for this integration to work, Spotify users will need to own a Spotify account, along with the Spotify mobile app installed on their systems. This means that even first-time Spotify listeners will need to sign up for a free account to hear the content shared through the miniplayer.

The new integration, supposedly, enables the song or podcast track to play from the Spotify application via an app switch wherein the user can log into their Spotify account. The miniplayer, then, allows the launch and playback of the track in the Spotify app.

When a user posts a song or podcast episode to Facebook using the new feature, the post will show up in a new miniplayer that will allow people viewing the post to play the content as they reshare it or continue scrolling on the Facebook page.

Spotify claims that paid subscribers will have the option of accessing full playback. On the other hand, free users will be able to listen to the entire shared track, after which, they will continue to hear ad-supported content on the Shuffle mode, similar to how they access content on the Spotify app.