Facebook initiates trial of its Live Audio Rooms product in Taiwan

Facebook initiates trial of its Live Audio Rooms product in Taiwan

Leading social media giant, Facebook Inc., has announced starting the first test of its Live Audio Rooms product with creators and public figures in Taiwan. As per credible reports, this product is expected to expand the company’s audio services, which over time will include creation tools and podcast hosting.

For the record, Facebook had in April declared bringing in a sweeping set of upgradations to its audio services, with Live Audio Rooms being a central attraction, enabling users to participate in group voice chats.

It has been speculated that the firm intends to increase the trial period over time, subsequently making the service accessible in the Facebook and Messenger applications.

However, one of the main reasons to choose Taiwan as the trial center would be the company’s expanding presence in the country.

For the initial rollout, the social media giant is limiting the test to a handful of public figures while planning to bring the product to Facebook Groups real soon. Moreover, it is also assimilating its Stars feature into the audio services, allowing fans to buy tokens to support their favorites, just like the Twitch operations.

The idea of developing Live Audio Room products potentially comes from the growing popularity of rival application, Clubhouse. The application exploded in popularity during the pandemic phase in 2020, when major events and gatherings were called off and people moved to new social outlets online.

The app’s unrecorded and informal format caught many eyes and it was driven to prominence by drop-ins from well know figures like Facebook’s, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

Speaking of the new additions to the Facebook platform, official sources close to the company cite that it is likely to bring to its podium the podcast service in the coming months. This move comes on the heels of the elevating popularity of Facebook pages for well-established podcasts.

In addition to this, the firm is also expected to bring for its consumer base, Soundbites: a service which would include transitory clips of shareable audio for capturing anecdotes, jokes, and other things.