Foxconn to manufacture chipsets at new semiconductor design center

Foxconn to manufacture chipsets at new semiconductor design center

Foxconn, one of the largest electronics contract manufacturers in the world, is adopting a ‘3 plus 3’ model revolving around emerging industries such as robots, electric vehicles and digital healthcare.

The company aims to build an EV supply chain, with the focal point of the initiative being development of electric vehicles.

Adding to the above-mentioned efforts, Foxconn has revealed plans to establish a new semiconductor design center.

As per reports, Foxconn will be opening the design center in the New Taipei city in Taiwan. The facility will be dedicated to the development of software solutions used in automated/self-driving cars, development of smart cabins vital for EV production and smart connectivity.

An industrial park near Foxtron Vehicle Technologies will house the new design center. For those unaware, Foxtron is joint venture bringing together Yulon Group, Taiwan-based automaker and Foxconn.

Adhering to Foxconn’s recruitment program for research and development in the field of semiconductor which entails hiring 1,000 employees in three years, the company will hire 250 software engineers in the initial phase at the semiconductor design center.

Foxconn is working on developing an MIH Open Platform as the equivalent of “Android of the electric car industry”.

Till date, the platform has been able to engage over 1,600 firms across the globe in the platform that offers solutions to EV manufacturers.

The company also recently signed an MoU with Gogoro, an electric scooter company in Taiwan helping the latter solidify business expansion in Indian and Chinese markets.

Besides tapping into the EV segment, the company has also introduced three of its independently designed EV models which includes bus, sedan and SUV.

The SUV designed showcases the features of Model C prototype and is likely to enter the market in 2023, which will be followed by the Model E-based sedan developed by Foxconn and the Italian car designer, Pininfarina.

The bus will enter various southern Taiwanese cities next year as Foxconn builds network with local transport services company.

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