Fynd and GoKwik collaborate to improve e-commerce shopping experience

Fynd and GoKwik collaborate to improve e-commerce shopping experience

India-based e-commerce service provider, Fynd has collaborated with GoKwik, a platform focused on solving shopping experience problems on e-commerce websites.

Through this partnership, Fynd and Gokwik are aiming to offer customers a smooth online shopping experience.

The two firms will build a PNP (plug and play) solution for e-commerce businesses that will help them offer features like a customized checkout experience according to shopping needs.

Moreover, businesses can also understand customers' behavior and keep a check on RTO (return to origin) rates accordingly.

After understanding and assessing the pattern, services can be offered based on customers who will be a certain conversion. Conversely, some friction can be set for high-risk customers who are likely to turn into an RTO.

The platform (Fynd) helps businesses to offer connected experiences for their customers everywhere.

Harsh Shah, Co-founder of Fynd, said that their firm has always been committed to providing its partners access to proficiencies that can boost their omnichannel journey.

The GoKwik model is different as it focuses on resolving RTO, a major issue in online shopping. Adding GoKwik to the Fynd Platform will help partners increase the profitability of their online businesses, he added.

GoKwik will also assist these businesses in improving their overall profitability. In addition, brands like Steve Madden, Superdry, Hamleys, Mothercare, and others will benefit from this alliance by increasing conversion rates, smoothing checkout experience, and realizing maximum GMV.

Chirag Taneja, Founder and CEO, GoKwik, stated that one of the major issues of any e-commerce business in India is conversion rates and RTO. GoKwik is constantly emphasizing on resolving these major problems.

They are looking forward to this collaboration with Fynd and are willing to modify the traditional dialogue by delivering customized solutions to improve conversion rates, protect against risks such as RTO and help register higher GMV with increased ROI.

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