Google Maps introduces new features to promote user-generated content

Google Maps introduces new features to promote user-generated content

Google Maps, a web mapping service of Google, is reportedly making some updates inspired by social media to promote more user-generated content on the Google developed app. Recently, Google Maps launched various new features aimed towards making the app much more interactive, including one that makes it simpler for users to share images of places they visit.

The changes are the newest in a series of updates in the last few months, as Google seems to make Maps not just a place to look for directions, but one where people could communicate with local businesses, pay for parking, plan a place to go, figuring out how to get there as well as share about their experiences.

Google Maps also added a new feature last year in September that showcased how widespread COVID-19 is in an area. The firm stated that at present it has around 150 million local Guides, users who routinely contribute reviews, information and photos on Maps. Last year, Local Guides included nearly 8 million places to the app.

Amid the novel features introduced is photo updates, which would aid users to get a better and a newer sense of locations they are considering of visiting. For instance, the people could see if a outdoor seating set-up of a restaurant is shaded.

As it introduces in the next few weeks, users could go to the tab of new Updates when searching for a place on the app, click a quick photo to add as well as write a caption, without leaving a review or full rating.

The app is also making it simpler to report road changes, including an option to Edit the map that would allow users to correct any errors. The errors include deleting incorrect roads or renaming streets and drawing in any of the missing roads.

Google Maps is also introducing a Local Love Challenge, to encourage Android users to contribute information, reviews and photos to the app with the sole aim of updating nearly 100,000 locations listings in the following month.