Google plays down the acquisition of British startup Dataform

Google plays down the acquisition of British startup Dataform
Google Cloud, the cloud computing service offered by technology giant Google, has reportedly acquired Dataform- a U.K. based startup that is designing an operating system for data warehouses. Although the conditions of the deal have not been disclosed yet, the transaction seems to be an ‘acqui-hire’, where Google was interested in Dataform’s offerings.

Founded by some of the former Google employees, Dataform is described as an operating system for data warehouses and its platform focuses on helping data-rich businesses draw insights through mining the data stored in warehouses.

Notably, mining the data for insights and business intelligence particularly requires a team of data engineers and analysts. The British startup aimed at simplifying this process and make it cost-effective and faster for organizations to take full advantage of their data assets.

In a statement by Dataform, by joining forces with Google, the company will continue to offer analysts with the right tools and technology as it is the need of the hour. With a limited workforce of only seven employees, the company operates in a competitive and complex market, and hence the transaction will help execute its ideas with adequate manpower.

Reportedly, as per the deal, Dataform will continue to work under its own management and aim at enhancing its BigQuery. The Dataform Web will also be available for free for all the users from now on with customers transitioned to the free plan.

Citing reports, Google has kept the acquisition under the wraps and has not issued any press release to date. The founder of Dataform has, however, published a post announcing the acquisition.

Guillaume-Henri Huon, Founder, Dataform, said that after being in numerous talks with the Google Cloud team, it has become evident that the two firms are deeply aligned on the importance of offering analysts the right technology and tools.