Google to integrate note taking app Cursive with Chromebooks

Google to integrate note taking app Cursive with Chromebooks

Tech giant Google has recently announced a new update for Chromebooks, Chrome OS 102 with new features. With this recent update, the company is integrating its note-taking app Cursive to all Chromebooks that will work with a stylus.

The Cursive application allows the user to conveniently take pictures, edit, and organize handwritten notes on the Chromebook. In addition, users can also sketch drawings or paste pictures with their notes. Further, the user can bifurcate notes into custom notebooks for several projects and can quickly make a PDF of notes and send it to other apps.

In the upcoming months, Google will also integrate features to make the app more personalized, like convenience in changing the style, thickness, and color of the stylus stroke.

Google said that the Cursive app will be pre-installed on all the eligible Chromebooks wherein users just need to tap the Everything Option and look for the application, or they can download it from and click “install” in the toolbar.

Apart from this, the other new features that came with the update include improvements to panning and magnification. This new docked magnifier feature splits the screen into two parts where the top half is a zoomed-in version of the screen and the bottom half is the standardized screen.

It has also added new features to the panning experience. With regular panning when the users move their cursor the remaining screen will follow it. The users can also take the help of their keyboard panel to control panning by pressing ctrl + arrow keys + alt.

The new update has also added alert signals for USB-C cables. With this feature, the Chromebooks will display a notification if the cable that is being used won’t support display or isn’t performing well for the device.

It will also notify the user if the USB-C cable doesn’t support high-performance Thunderbolt 3/USB4 standards that their Chromebook does.

This update is primarily available on Chromebooks with 11th and 12th-gen Intel Core CPUs with Thunderbolt capability or USB4, with several more devices to be added.

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