HBO Max and Snapchat join hands to launch new group watch tool

HBO Max and Snapchat join hands to launch new group watch tool

HBO Max, a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service has reportedly collaborated with Snapchat, to introduce a new group watch tool for an enhanced co-viewing experience. The feature will bring full-length episodes of popular HBO Max series to the social media platform, where users will be able to stream select series pilots with nearly 63 other users.

The recently announced feature will be offered via HBO Max Minis, a part of Snapchat Minis, which was introduced in 2020 to deliver third-party app experiences in Snapchat. Minis gives users the ability to take various actions, from purchasing movie tickets with friends using Atom, to meditating with the help of Headspace.

The new tool will enable Snapchatters to use the Minis service to access full episodes of over a dozen HBO Max series, free of cost. These include popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Lovecraft Country, Euphoria, and Titans, among many others. The feature also facilitates synchronized playback, which means each user accessing the title will be able to stream it together.

The HBO Max Minis session can be joined by up to 64 users at a time, by clicking on a shared sticker or via a shared in-chat link. Users will also be able to share reactions and chat while streaming a title.

Pilots from the selected series are available for streaming free of cost, even to users without an HBO Max subscription. However, users of ages 18 years and above will be asked to subscribe to the streaming service, in order to continue watching the series once the pilot episode has ended.

The watch parties feature has emerged as an increasingly popular trend in recent times, with major streaming platforms including Disney Plus, Hulu, and Prime Video introducing their own group watch tools within their apps. With its arrival on Minis, HBO Max has become the first major streamer to support the streaming of full-length series episodes without needing to leave Snapchat.