Honeywell joins forces with to produce high-tech face mask

Honeywell joins forces with to produce high-tech face mask

Industrial firm Honeywell has recently partnered with U.S.-based entrepreneur and musician,, to introduce a new high-tech face mask, dubbed Xupermask. The $299 mask will be equipped with many advanced features. These include Bluetooth support, microphones, noise-cancellation earbuds, LED, replaceable filtration systems and multi-function button controls.

Xupermask users will be able to play music, answer phone calls, and prevent fogging of their glasses through a tight seal over the nose.

Rapper William Adams, who goes by the moniker, was reportedly quoted as stating that the Xupermask was created to transform the idea of the new normal. He went on to say that the Xupermask’s uncompromising design, with high-tech performance built for the modern lifestyle, allows it to offer function with style.

The Xupermask is made of silicone and runs on a rechargeable battery which is able to last for nearly 7 hours on a single charge. It also features an elastic strap for enhanced user comfort and high equipment performance.

Existing mask options do not work well for a large number of people, claims, with fogging of glasses, stuffiness, muffled sound during phone calls and dislodging of earphones being the common issues.

However, Xupermasks, says Honeywell, are designed to be adjustable to a range of face shapes, with one mask being able to be used for up to a year, regardless of weather conditions.

Honeywell chief executive and chairman Darius Adamczyk also spoke about the partnership, stating that the company is excited at collaborating with on such an innovative and unique project.

He added that the Xupermask delivers leading-edge functionality and design, with an unparalleled blend of technology, function and fashion.

The advanced masks are designed by Jose Fernandez, who has designed Elon Musk’s SpaceX suits, as well as worked on various Hollywood projects like The Avengers, Black Panther and X-Men 2.

The masks come in two adjustable sizes, i.e. small/medium and medium/large. They will initially be made available to consumers in Canada, UK, Europe and the U.S.