How will the expansion of military & defense sector increase the demand for hermetic packaging market?

How will the expansion of military & defense sector increase the demand for hermetic packaging market?

Accordingly, growth in electronics sector being observed globally, especially in APAC and North America has become a key enabler for the hermetic packaging market growth.

Hermetic packaging tends to shield against a battery of environmental conditions, including humidity, changes in atmospheric pressure, and other natural hazards which would mar delicate electronics. Manufacturers expect hermetic packaging to safeguard highly sensitive electronics, including laser diodes, sensors, airbag initiator propellants or opto-electronic components against hostile factors such as corrosion and other unwanted influences.

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Trends that will redefine hermetic packaging market outlook

In the prevailing geopolitical ecosystem of profound complexity, significance of defense has extended beyond armed vehicles, navigation tools, weaponry and countermeasures. Current trends exhibit use of hermetic packaging in military & defense to streamline the operation. Some of the trends that are expected to redefine industry outlook are delineated below:

•             Palpable use of ceramics and metal can package in military and defense sector will continue to uphold hermetic packaging market share. Ceramic and metal can packages offer high reliability and high performance application. It is worth mentioning that the packaging materials help hermetic packages to resist higher temperatures vis-à-vis the plastic packages.

•             Inevitable rise in military and defense budget across the globe will set the trend for hermetic packaging. Moreover, increased usage of highly engineered hermetic MEMS in military and defense industry is expected in the next half a decade.

•             With a notable amount of development in automotive packaging being witnessed in the past few years, demand for hermetic in automotive industry has risen considerably and is likely to boost the momentum in the next few years.

As it pans out, in the next half a decade or so, leading companies will infuse investments in hermetic packaging, hovering around military & defense, automotive sectors and ceramic metal.

Growth drivers of hermetic packaging market

Prominent aerospace manufacturers are relying on hermetic packaging to perform seamlessly in hostile climate. Upsurge in investment in aircraft has seemingly propelled state-of-the-art commercial aircraft, self-guided missiles with infrared seeker systems and advanced laser-guided systems. The current outlook shows aerospace sector to drive growth in hermetic packaging market share.

Use of high-performance sensors and signal processing electronics in hermetic technology has boosted stable atmosphere and has made sure that reliability requirements are achieved. Moreover, hermetic products bolster avionic devices by warding off ingress of moisture, maintaining hermeticity and specified performance.

Sustained demand for hermetic products in aerospace sector for fuel management, landing gear and turbine temperatures monitoring will continue to boost hermetic packaging market size expansion.

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Obstacles stakeholders are vying to surmount

With fierce competition in hermetic packaging market, prevalence of alternative materials such as epoxy has acted an impediment in the industry growth. Notwithstanding epoxy resins provide design flexibility of sealing, they have high permeability and outgassing rate as compared to glass or metal. Moreover, epoxy resins have confined operating temperature, thereby underscoring the future outlook of hermetic packaging.

Hermetic packaging has become the linchpin for corrosion resistance, moisture ingress prevention, pressure capability in underwater systems and maintenance of leak tightness. In an ever-increasing globalized economy, electricity has occupied a pole position and hermetic packaging has become indispensable for a flawless process. Prominently, military and defense sector will continue to provide impetus to hermetic packaging market.

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