IBM announces strategic multi-year partnership with Telefónica

IBM announces strategic multi-year partnership with Telefónica

IBM Corp. has reportedly announced a strategic collaboration with Telefónica to utilize IBM intelligent automation software & services to execute UNICA Next, which is the first-ever 5G core network platform that is cloud-native. Using UNICA Next, Telefónica aims to attain the reliability, agility, and efficiency to continuously enhance its current as well as its future services.

As other CSPs (Communications Service Providers) along with Telefónica across the world prepare for the advantages brought by the edge and 5G to the core network functions, the Madrid-based company plans to have a secured, open, highly automated as well as intelligent network that can power transformation for enterprise customers and consumer across all industries.

Telefónica has engaged Red Hat, IBM Global Business Services, digital transformation consultancy and services arm a leading systems generator of IBM, as well as Juniper networking to install the cloud-native platform.

The platform is set to be a new open standard open-networking tech compliant platform that will be installed across several regional, central as well as distributed data centers providing high bandwidth and low latency while being able to deliver service in a flexible manner.

The data centers of UNICA Next are planned to be installed from October 2021 and its scalable architecture is developed to address ETSI and other pertinent industry standards.

The new network is built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, and Juniper Networks QFX technology and Apstra aligned to provide streamlined end-to-end operations and orchestration. The platform will allow continuous enhancements in management and deployment which includes allowing new services that deliver improved consumer value.

The integration of UNICA Next with the software of IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation allows for intent-driven orchestration backing the end-to-end lifecycle management of various elements of network cloud and network functions, which includes 5G core.

UNICA Next, in combination with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes and Open Shift, will present Telefónica with an environment built for increased control and observability to manage the environment of UNICA Next Kubernetes and drive 5G innovation more rapidly, with fewer complexities.

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