If you are on a vegan diet, be careful, your bones are more prone to fractures | Vegetarians must be careful, your bones are in great danger

New Delhi: If you are a vegetarian then important information has come out about your bones. One study has shown that people on a wedge-based diet are more likely to have a fracture. Studies of more than 55,000 people have found that non-vegetable eaters are at higher risk for broken bones than non-vegetable eaters. To get better results in this study conducted by EPIC-Oxford, participants were followed and collected information for 18 years.

Such a percentage of fear
Of the 55,000 people involved in this study, 2,000 were vegetarians. Research has shown that people who do not eat meat are 43% more likely to break bones. The study found that these participants had a total of 3,941 fractures over the course of 18 years, with the greatest difference being in hip fractures. Vegetarians had a 2.3 times higher risk of hip fracture than non-vegetarians.

The study, led by Dr Tommy Tong, a new epidemiologist in the Newfield Department of Population Health, was published in the BMC Medicine Journal.


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More risk of fracture in a decade
The study also found that non-vegetarians have 20 more fractures in a decade than non-vegetarians.

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At the same time, in addition to the higher risk of hip fracture, those on a vegan diet are also at higher risk of fractures in other prominent places such as fractures of the foot, wrists, ribs and hands. However, it is still unclear whether the reason for the fracture is weak or deteriorating bones or an accident.

However, eating a balanced vegetarian diet with lots of fruits and green vegetables can improve the level of nutrients in the body and also increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.