Is a tent a safe way to eat outside during an outbreak?

Is a tent a safe way to eat outside during an outbreak?
Washington: Is a dining tent a safe way for people to eat out during the current Corona virus outbreak? Health experts say that ""dining tents"" made outdoors are generally safer than enclosed spaces, but care should be taken that they are not all the same.

Many restaurants build individual tents or other outdoor structures for people to dine together. The Corona virus is easily spread in closed places. Experts say structures must be well ventilated. For example, a tent with four walls and a roof cannot be more ventilated than an “indoor” dining room. Dr Isaac Weijfuse, a public health expert at Cornell University, says the more airflow in structures, the better.

According to Professor Craig Hedberg of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, “the igloo” or individual tents are a creative solution, but should not be shared with people who do not belong to you. Aubrey Gordon, an assistant professor at the University of Michigans School of Public Health, said the tents between the two sides should be cleaned and left open for at least 20 minutes. He suggests that to reduce contact, the bhajan should be kept outside on a tray.

For many restaurants, tents are proving to be financially useful in todays times. Many restaurants charge their customers extra money for this. After the restaurant is finished, the tents are cleaned and air is taken out for half an hour.

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