K-Pop band A.C.E. signs with Asian Agent for drawing global strategy

K-Pop band A.C.E. signs with Asian Agent for drawing global strategy
K-pop band A.C.E. has reportedly inked an agreement with Asian Agent for its management in the U.S. as well as for the formulation of a global strategy. The announcement comes as the band members Chan, Jun, Byeongkwan, Donghun, and Wow, get ready for a busy 2021, which they say will comprise a fashion endorsement deal and star-powered music collaborations.

Danny Lee, Asian Agent’s Chief Agent, Los Angeles, stated that the agency is glad to work on the expansion of A.C.E.’s international footprint. Lee was especially impressed by the live vocals of the group and the members’ street dancing background, complimenting that the band has made an impressive journey and it is great to witness their how far they have come. Adding that being with them feels like family.

A.C.E. debuted the music industry with its single ‘Cactus’ in 2017. The song stood at the 21st position on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Since then, the band has toured the world, releasing its album ‘A.C.E. Adventures in Wonderland’ in 2018, further launching three EPs comprising the 2019’s Under Cover, which premiered at the 9th position on World Albums, its follow-up Under Cover: The Mad Squad, as well as the band’s most recent HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy, which was launched in September.

According to Kim Hye-im, the Founder and CEO of Beat Interactive, A.C.E.’s Korean label and management company, making investments in music is vital amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The outside roles and musical activities of K-pop artists are more significant than ever for the purpose of overcoming this difficult situation with a sense of mission. Fans must be persistently given hope and courage for overcoming this situation, added Hye-im.

A.C.E. and Beat Interactive first met the Asian Agent in Los Angeles in February, when the group had a performance at the 2020 Academy Awards afterparty congratulating the Director of Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho, for his historic best picture win.