K-pop boy band GOT7 departs from recording label JYP Entertainment

K-pop boy band GOT7 departs from recording label JYP Entertainment
GOT7, a renowned K-pop boy band has reportedly announced that it is officially parting ways with recording label JYP Entertainment, a leading South Korea-based multinational record label and entertainment conglomerate. Band members JB, Mark Tuan, Jinyoung, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae, all took to their respective Instagram handles to make heartfelt posts, that apparently confirmed the official departure of the band from the agency.

According to reports, all GOT7 band members would be departing from JYP Entertainment after their respective exclusive contracts with the company come to an end in January. Band member Mark Tuan recently tweeted out to fans assuring them that all seven band members would be staying together as GOT7 even after their respective contract come to an end with the company.

The prominent K-pop vocalist also posted on his social media that the last seven years under JYP have been some of the best of his life. The vocalist also hinted towards the band’s future activities, stating that all seven members would be bringing the best version of themselves to the fans soon.

Supposedly, the upcoming 35th Golden Disc Awards event would be the bands last activity as a JYP group. As per an industry source, all seven members of the band are immensely close to one another. However, they no longer agree with the choice of their recording agency. Following numerous internal discussions, JB, Mark Tuan, and others have come to a decision to leave the company.

GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment has gotten K-pop fans across the world wondering where the artists would be going next.

As per reliable sources, Jinyoung has reportedly inked a deal with BH Entertainment, an actor agency. Yugyeom has apparently held a final meeting with AOMG. Meanwhile, JB has received a lucrative offer from an international music label and is looking to find an agency that would support him as an individual artist.

On the other hand, Youngjae, has been scouted by the Sublime Artist Agency. Jackson Wang is expected to continue with his activities through his own label, Team Wang. Mark is expected to return to the United States and is considering to kick off a solo music career in the U.S. with plans to start a YouTube channel of his own.