Kanye West will no longer purchase the social networking site, Parler

Kanye West will no longer purchase the social networking site, Parler

Just one month after the partnership was first revealed, Parlement Technologies, Parlers parent brand, has reportedly confirmed that Kanye West is no longer purchasing the right-wing social networking platform, Parler.

The CEO of Parler stated on social media that the decision was taken in the best interests of both parties.

According to a statement released by Parlement Technologies, the firm and Ye have mutually agreed to terminate the purpose of the sale, adding that the choice was made in mid-November.

It is worth mentioning that the rapper, who now goes as Ye, has drawn heavy criticism for a string of anti-Semitic comments. Companies like Gap and Adidas have stopped doing business with him.

Interestingly, Adidas had opened a probe into claims that musician Kanye West fostered a toxic environment while working with the company. According to claims made by several Yeezy cooperation employees, he exposed them to graphic images and films as part of the project.

They asserted in a letter that West's managers didnt take a moral stand, despite being aware of his disorderly conduct. Adidas stated that it is still uncertain as to whether the accusations are true.

The staff members should never be subjected to this kind of attitude from a brand partner, and the leadership should never put up with it, Adidas claimed.

Because of the anti-Semitic nature of his posts, Wests Instagram and Twitter accounts were suspended last month. His Twitter account was restored later though.

Conservatives on the far right consider Parler a very prominent platform among them, albeit a much smaller platform, it bills itself as a free speech option to big platforms.

The company stated in its statement that it would continue to look for future opportunities for expansion and the development of the platform for our lively network.

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