learn about new technology on how astronauts try to save lives from heart attacks in space. Space travel: astronauts will have to do this work in space

New Delhi: Thinking of space, many exciting questions and thoughts begin to arise in the mind. Until now, space travel was only possible for astronauts. But now space travel is becoming a big industry. Now not only will astronauts be able to travel in space, but ordinary people will also be able to. In times to come, space tourism will be a big industry, in which all types of people can travel.

Now people will travel to space and then the facilities will be set there accordingly. For major illnesses like heart attacks, it’s important to prepare in advance. For this, scientists are working on new technologies.

This is how CPR technology works

In the event of a heart attack on the ground, the patient is treated with the CPR technique. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a technique in which when a sudden heart attack occurs, the other person puts pressure on the person and gives them breath through their mouth. With this, his heart begins to beat again.

However, it is not possible to give a similar treatment in space. So far there have been no accidents in space like astronauts having a heart attack. In fact, so far only fit astronauts have been to space and that too for a short time. In this case, scientists are working on new technologies.

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Scientists are now preparing for a long-term campaign. Preparations are already underway for Mars and distant space missions, preparations have already started to settle on the Moon and Mars, and space tourism will now disappear from the sci-fi dictionary.

Research on emergency medicine in space

Now there will be space travel and then medical issues can arise as well. Scientists are researching this. Professor Yophen Hinkelbein, vice-president of the Society of Aviation and Space Medicine, and with him Stephen Kerckhoff, have carried out new research on RCR in space. In this study, Yophen explained how CPR should be administered if one is to cope with cardiac arrest in space.

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Professor Yophen Hinkelbein says that on a trip like Mars, if a passenger experiences stroke, trauma or electrical toxicity in an emergency, there is a possibility of a heart attack in those situations.

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