MachineMax partners with INTSITE to improve machine safety & efficiency

MachineMax partners with INTSITE to improve machine safety & efficiency

The strategic partnership intends to leverage INTSITE’s camera-based solution for enhancing overall machine performance

Shell company-owned MachineMax has inked a strategic partnership with INTSITE with the aim of using video telematics and contextual machine data to design digital monitoring solutions that can help enhance overall machine performance, CO2 reduction, fuel efficiency, and safety.

As a part of the collaboration, INTSITE will lend its AI and Deep Learning expertise for the optimization of equipment at a worksite, which will help transform the performance of industries that are largely dependent on heavy machinery.

For instance, in the field of construction and mining, improved performance and safety can be achieved by making the machinery smarter with the help of computer vision and deep learning technologies.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, Tzach Ram-On, Founder & CEO at INTSITE, mentioned that amalgamating its proprietary computer-vision and AI technology with the leading telematics platform will help boost safety and efficiency levels of heavy machinery considerably.

Essentially, the MachineMax equipment management platform along with the universal telematics sensors designed for off-highway fleets determine the standard for productivity, fuel consumption, utilization, idling time, operating hours, and location with customer feedback.

By combining INTSITE’s camera-based solution, MachineMax intends to gain an all-inclusive, accountable assessment of a machine.

INTSITE’s computer-vision technology

The machine-vision system helps solve a wide range of on-site problems. The camera footage, for instance, allows detection of machine utilization which gives an idea of the amount of idling time and with real-time data provided by MachineMax, can identify the reasons behind it.

In addition to this, the technology detects multiple crucial safety measures like the proximity of a pedestrian from the machine, predictive maintenance by identifying irregularities on the machine, and the angle at which a machine operates.

Ultimately, the camera-vision technology gives site teams a comprehensive visual context associated with the MachineMax data with an additional layer of exposure to their sites.

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