Marvel’s Black Widow records USD 116.9 million in box office debut

Marvel’s Black Widow records USD 116.9 million in box office debut

Disney and Marvel's latest superhero adventure flick “Black Widow” has recorded USD 116.9 million during its first box office opening. This has made it the most successful film to be released since the pandemic began.

The Scarlet Johansson starrer tallied at USD 80 million at the domestic box office alone, over USD 60 million from Disney+, and USD 78 million from international ticket sales. For the first time, the overall domestic box office had netted over USD 100 million in ticket sales since March 2020.

The box office collection of Black Widow has surpassed that of Universal’s “F9”, the former record holder which grabbed USD 70 million last month during a 3-day launch.

Some analysts are of the opinion that Marvel’s unparalleled brand equity has been reflected time and again by the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Hence, it is not surprising Marvel has managed to again record the biggest box office debut, even after the COVID-19 epidemic.

Interestingly, Disney, for the first time, disclosed of amassing over USD 60 million from worldwide sales of the film through the Disney+ Premier Access, which in the future, can be a feasible option for the brand.

This is an exceptional method of divulging opening weekend business, experts claimed. Disney should reveal the actual revenue from streaming and the box office debuts, which might bring in more transparency in Hollywood.

However, Disney has not yet commented whether it will share insights about streaming data every week or whether it will only disclose it on rare occasions of high weekend debuts.

Disney’s upcoming Marvel film “Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings”, reportedly, will be available in the theaters only.

In other news, Disney has announced that it will increase the monthly as well as annual subscription fee of ESPN+, its sports streaming platform, in the United States.

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