Monarch unveils new game to allow exchange of credits for digital assets

Monarch unveils new game to allow exchange of credits for digital assets

Mobile cryptocurrency platform, Monarch has recently introduced a new mobile side-runner game, dubbed Bull Run, that gives users the ability to earn credits and exchange them for digital assets. The creator of Monarch Wallet, a decentralized wallet for digital assets, has created the game to allow users to play and earn Bull Run Credits, which they can swap for Monarch Tokens, once they have reached a certain point.

While it offers a single-player experience at present, Bull Run is planning to add more functionalities including in-game collectible skins, multi-player capabilities, etc.

The game features an innovative and unique proof-of-concept, which blends effortlessly with the Monarch Wallet, enabling users to exchange Bull Run Credits for Monarch Tokens, and vice versa. The game does not require users to have knowledge of digital assets, and is designed to be played by anyone, like other games available on smartphones. Bull Run is apparently based on ETH, and thus allows users to play a fun game that is connected to the Ethereum network.

Co-Founder and President of Monarch Wallet, Robert Beadles has reportedly stated that the Bull Run game has been developed to enable the company to expand its user base, support its community and introduce more people to the digital asset world. He emphasized on the importance the community holds for the company and expressed appreciation at being given a chance to serve them.

Beadles apparently hailed Bull Run as one of the first games to use in-game credits that can be exchanged for digital assets in existence outside of the specific game. He added that the proof of concept can be further developed to integrate tokens, skins, digital collectibles and more, which could potentially be scaled and utilized by billion-dollar enterprises like Supercell, Zynga or Niantic.

Co-Founder and CEO of Monarch Wallet, Sneh Bhatt, also spoke about the launch, stating that the new technology would give users the power to swap their in-game currencies and items not just between games, but even game ecosystems.

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