Mondelez to return more of Cadbury Dairy Milk production to Bournville

Mondelez to return more of Cadbury Dairy Milk production to Bournville
Cadbury-owner, Mondelez International, has reportedly decided to bring back more of its Cadbury Dairy Milk production to its infamous factory situated in Bournville. According to a Mondelez statement, some part of the production in continental Europe would be returning to the United Kingdom.

The company has announced an investment of £15m at the Birmingham site and has also stated that 125 million additional Dairy Milk bars would be produced there from 2022.

According to the Manufacturing Director of Bournville, Roberto Gambaccini, Bournville is presently much more competitive across the manufacturing network of the company, especially when it comes to the production of high volume products like Cadbury Dairy Milk tablets.

Gambaccini has also stated that it is important that the company continues this journey, adding that this investment will help the company take complete advantage of the efficiencies that upskilling and modernization can create for the purpose of continuing the success and growth of the Bournville site.

Till date, nearly two thirds of Cadbury’s chocolate has been manufactured in Birmingham. However, the new investment would witness the manufacturing of almost all of its products at Bournville. While almost £11m of the new financing will be moved towards a new production line, the rest of the £4m will be spent in the scaling up of the company’s chocolate-making capacity.

As per Louise Stigant, the Managing Director of Mondelez’ UK, Bournville is still looked upon as the ‘heart of Cadbury’ and bringing more of the production back to this place has created a viable opportunity of investing in the plant. While a part of the manufacturing will stay overseas, the investment would not result in the creation of any new jobs, confirmed the company.

In 2020, Bournville produced 35,000 tonnes of Cadbury Dairy Milk tablets, which amounts to nearly 234 million bars. The recent investment will enable the company to make an additional 12,000 tonnes of chocolate, add sources.