NASA shares video of the radish crop first grown on the International Space Station. NASA shares video of radish harvest for the first time on the International Space Station

New Delhi: For the first time in space, scientists harvested radishes after taxiing on the International Space Station. In doing so, great success was achieved in the space mission. On social media platform Twitter, ISS Research gave the reason for growing radish by sharing the video. In fact, radish is nutritious and also grows quickly.

On November 30, NASA scientist Kate Ribbons harvested radish plants. These plants were cultivated in Bitet on the International Space Station.

Radishes grown like this

Scientists gathered the vegetables and wrapped them in foil and stored them in a cold room for a trip back to Earth during SpaceX’s 22nd Rispalli Services trade mission in 2021. The plant, named Plant Habitat -02, was first grown by NASA in a rotating laboratory. NASA chose radish because scientists understand it well and it develops in 27 days.

Radishes grow fast, but maybe not so fast! Experience a month of growing Space_Station radishes in 10 seconds.
Radishes are used for the Plant Habitat-02 study because they are nutritious, grow quickly, and are genetically similar to Arabidopsis, a plant often studied in space.

ISS Research (@ISS_Research) December 1, 2020

The radish was grown on the space station

NASA scientist Nicolor Dufur, Kennedy Space Center, said: “Radish is a different crop than the leafy vegetables that astronauts used to grow on the space station. Helps understand which plants cannot die and provides astronauts with the best diversity and nutritional balance during long term missions. ”

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