Norwegian firm to build the world’s first zero-emission cargo vessel

Norwegian firm to build the world’s first zero-emission cargo vessel

The project focuses on utilizing the latest technological solutions available along with sustainable transportation solutions that will further help reduce total cost on fuel

Prominent Norwegian companies- HeidelbergCement and Felleskjøpet AGRI have reportedly extended a contract to Egil Ulvan Rederi- a ship operator in the region to develop and operate the world’s first zero-emission cargo ship vessel. The concept of the ship has been developed along with Norwegian Ship Design - TNSDC.

Notably, both the cargo owners are working towards establishing an environmentally- friendly transport mechanism without the emission of greenhouse gases. The transport system will integrate cargoes of both the companies, carrying goods from western to eastern Norway and grain in the opposite direction.

It is worth mentioning that Egil Ulvan Rederi was selected through a tender procedure, facilitated by the Green Shipping Programme, making it a public-private partnership. The shipping carrier has been selected to build and operate a sustainable cargo ship solution. The competition to secure the tender was fierce, with nearly 30 ship owners competing for the contract via a six-month-long process.

For the record, the ship carries a project name “With Orca”- Powered by Nature, since a considerable share of the power used to operate the vessel will be used directly from nature through two rotor sails.

In addition to the above, the proposed sailing route of the ship will mainly be in open waters in the North Sea, where the wind condition is suitable for wind-led propulsion. To avoid incidences of drifting, the ship will be equipped with a customized, advanced keel.  

Reports state that, in 2021, the ‘With Orca’ concept will be completed and optimized, focusing on ordering the ship by the end of the same year. The vessel is expected to commence operations in early 2024.