Observe Cholera Symptoms, Then Get Treatment Soon | Cholera is a dangerous disease, know its early symptoms and treatment

New Delhi: Cholera is a serious illness that takes your life too. If you get him treated in time, he heals. Cholera is caused by consuming polluted food and drinking water. It is spread from person to person with dirty hands and fingernails. There is a high risk of the spread of cholera where hygiene is not taken into account. It can spread as an epidemic in areas of congestion, famine and flooding.

Due to a cholera epidemic
Drinking polluted water, roadside foods (as they are foggy), vegetables eaten with water containing human waste should be avoided without rinsing. Because it spreads cholera. Open defecation is the cause of this disease. For example, human feces contaminate water and food sources. When another person consumes this contaminated food or water, cholera bacteria release toxins into the intestines (intestines). It also causes diarrhea.

Symptoms of cholera
In most cases, that is, about 80% of people do not see the symptoms of cholera disease, and many patients are cured on their own. But this patient can spread the disease. Symptoms of cholera are seen in 20 percent of people, such as vomiting, severe diarrhea, and leg cramps. Increased heart rate, excessive thirst, reduced blood pressure, reduced skin flexibility can also be symptoms of cholera.

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Rescue method
Cholera is identified by the Rapid Kalra Dipstick test, for which a person’s feces are absolutely necessary. This is a two to 15 minute test. In this test, a dipstick is placed in the stool sample, which checks the rows made there. If red lines appear on the gauge, it is a symptom of cholera.

Treatment required
Treatment for cholera or kalra should be done quickly. Cholera reduces the lack of water and body salts in the body. For this, ORS is given to the patient for drinking. Fluids are also carried by veins throughout the body.

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