Omnillion raises $25M in Series A funding to expand global footprint

Omnillion raises $25M in Series A funding to expand global footprint

Omnillion, a Toronto-based cloud and data network company, has reportedly secured $25 million in a Series A funding round to hire more talent and expand its global footprint. This significant expansion will help the company gain a competitive advantage over Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS in the emerging edge cloud space.

The company will use the recently raised funds to develop more features, integrate with the cloud, content delivery networks, and telecom providers, and scale its engineering teams in India, Europe, and the U.S. In addition, it is planning to establish new data centers globally in Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

Furthermore, the cloud service provider is targeting to acquire more enterprise clients, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, as companies have been making a shift towards remote working. This acceleration of remote working has, in turn, resulted in the increased demand for digital services and platforms to scale online operations.

According to Omnillion’s CTO and Co-founder, Chris Zheng, the pandemic has led to a dramatic change in the way people consume media, entertainment, and content. It also exponentially surged the need for securely handling dynamic bursts of applications infrastructure, thus creating secular and permanent shifts in cloud consumption.

The Toronto-based company has been gaining vast prominence, owing to its globally distributed NoSQL database. It is a stream data processing engine of low latency that allows developers to efficiently develop and expand data-heavy cloud applications. Through Omnillion, developers can also build and deploy various data-driven cloud apps that run across 100 PoPs (points-of-presence) worldwide. Notably, it takes around 80 milliseconds from users’ computers or phones to its edge cloud and back, which is 25 to 100 times faster than other cloud platforms.

The cloud and data network services of Omnillion will further aid enterprise developers in going beyond the constraints of centralization, latency, and geography by developing and running enterprise-grade cloud apps across the globe.