One in four employees in the UK considering a job change: Survey

One in four employees in the UK considering a job change: Survey

Around a quarter of the workers in the UK are actively looking for a job change in the coming months, a move that comes as a part of the ongoing ‘Great Resignation’ trend.

According to a survey conducted by Randstad UK, from 6,000 workers, around 69% of them were confident of switching to a new role in the coming months, with 24% also set to change in the next three to six months.

The company said that it expects around 11% of the staff will switch jobs every year.

It has cautioned that such a change would cost companies a lot of money – up to £25,000 per person – and that it has been urging clients to start thinking about whether they needed to enhance pay and other conditions to keep their top employees.

Victoria Short, CEO at Randstad UK, said that some of the workers looking out for job change were the ones who suffered during the pandemic.

She added that the other factor is burnout as some teams have to work for longer times. The pandemic has severely impacted people's thinking in terms of work, life, and what is essential for them out of both. But, on the other hand, it has let people understand the value of life.

As per the research, just 16% of the workers were worried about getting a new job. Construction, technology, and logistics workers were all optimistic about finding new jobs, with manufacturing workers being the most promising.

According to Randstad, the great resignations will cost UK's private sector a lot of money.  A research conducted by Oxford Economics states that it takes newly employed professional staff 28 weeks to attain optimal production, which comes at the cost of £25,200 per person.

A shortage of workers in some industries has led companies to offer signing on bonuses of up to £10,000 to attract recruits, although some surveys have suggested many do not plan to increase wages.

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