Oorbit & Pixelynx team up to create cloud-based streaming metaverse

Oorbit & Pixelynx team up to create cloud-based streaming metaverse

Cloud platform Oorbit and music metaverse firm Pixelynx have announced a partnership to develop a cloud-based streaming service for entertainment fans.

The partnership aims at creating quality metaverse streaming experiences using a browser. Oorbit offers cloud streaming tech, and its typical business is to allow players to witness high-quality events, games, marketplaces, interactive media, and more from top-quality content partners via browsers. Oorbit now hosts over 500 games.

The collaboration intends to develop new interactive experiences that can be acquired across connected devices. In the new world, firms like Oorbit will offer metaverse services instead of web services.

Oorbit is a different type of cloud-native interactive platform with incompatible high-quality virtual worlds and games, according to Co-Founder and CEO Ash Koosha.

Koosha added that the company focuses on transforming and changing the existing type of models on the web into the metaverse. Until now, Oorbit leveraged its cloud streaming technology to entertain on-web games.

Fans will be able to interact with connected music experiences from top artists created on the Pixelynx metaverse platform.

Pixelynx has partnered with a global nexus of artists, brands, IP holders, and labels. The company was founded by Richie Hawtin and Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 alongside several gaming veterans from EA Sports, Microsoft, and Activision.

Pixelynx CEO Inder Phull has commented that the partnership will provide a new platform to artists where they can develop triple-A quality experiences via Pixelynx and distribute them on the internet through Oorbit cloud streaming technology.

Furthermore, the company invested in the recent funding round from Oorbit which includes other important supporters like HOF capital, Mark Cuban, LD Capital, Shima Capital, Betaworks Ventures, Visary Capital, former CEO of Square Enix Mike Fischer, and Giphy’s Alex Chung.

Oorbit has developed host servers for the metaverse, exploring GPUs (graphics processing units) in datacenters to provide real-time graphics for virtual worlds and games on a cheaper platform.

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